The S25 collection can be said to be a foretaste of an important milestone: 100 years of Canclini history!

So we wanted to start from our roots, our origins, our land. And we were inspired by our lake: the Lario.

With its historical “Ville” with their inimitable and romantic style, immersed in well-kept nature. Where in spring the mountains overlook the lake, surrounded by perfect blooms and protected by a clear sky.

We were born and raised in this context that has known, and still knows, how to give us beauty. A beauty made of history and knowledge; of excellent cuisine, but also of sport; of art and relaxation; of nature and architecture.

It is precisely these small but precious details that have suggested the design of the graphics of our fabrics in this century of history. Just as the color palette certainly took its cue from the many beautiful views that our lake with its small towns offers.

We therefore decided to celebrate our Lake Como for the E25 collection, which has always represented our Italian know-how and the textile DNA of the Como district.

So, whether you have already been there, or it is your first time: welcome to Lake Como, wearing a Canclini shirt of course!