Introducing Noemi Gheza and Vincenzo Pio Giammetta, students in Management Engineering at Politecnico of Milan, welcomed in C. Tessile S.p.A. for Growing Together Leaders of the Future Project.

C.Tessile welcomes two talented young students in Management Engineering. The project gives them the opportunity to carry out a professional working experience in a local company, in order to assist it in a dedicated project for its innovation and development. This is an opportunity for mutual growth and training on the Lean Supply Chain approaches and models applied to textile manufacturing. The Company aims to receive freshness and innovation from the project and, at the same time, spread knowledge and experiences from daily activities to two young engineers to be, ready to enter professional workspaces.

Lean Textile Supply Chain: Mapping Textile Supply Chain Flow improving efficiency, reducing lead-time and delays is the project designed for C. Tessile S.p.A.

Students mix agile working techniques with on-site meetings, for a deeper understanding of company’s working structure, being able to approach to techniques and processes of materials inflow, production activities and fabrics’ flows once produced. Students combine activities of data collection and analysis with dedicated meetings with skilled workforces working in the company, from whom they can gain the major inputs, working together to find out hot spots and for improvement.

Let’s get familiar with the project and students.

Who are you? Any Hobbies and Interests?

We are Noemi and Vincenzo, two students attending the Master of Science in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. In our free time, we enjoy soccer and basketball games, and we both support the Internazionale Milano team. We also like reading books and traveling to enrich our knowledge and cultural background.

Why did you choose to do a practical experience (intern) rather than focus on your studies?

We decided to engage in this company experience because we believe that the practical application of the theoretical concepts is fundamental. This opportunity has allowed us to apply the methodologies and models studied in books and university lectures to a real business context.

Which expectations and considerations brought you here, applying for an internship?

We focused on the opportunity to improve our skills in a team, managing relationships within a working environment and deepening our understanding of a company’s processes and operations.

Why did you choose a Textile Company? Most of the time Textile Companies are area of designer’s interest and not of engineers …

Although the textile industry is often associated with designers, its complex and constantly evolving nature has captured our interest. We believe that the role of management engineer is crucial in improving process efficiency and reducing resource waste through the application of lean and optimization principles.

Have you ever thought that textile production needs so many knowledge, steps and processes? These are activities for management engineering as well.

By analyzing the company’s processes, we realized that behind every finished product, the strategic management and planning are essential Although the creative aspect is fundamental, the organization and operation also play a significant role to ensure the quality requirements and to meet the deliveries deadlines.

With which department did you enjoyed to work the most?

We appreciated working closely with all the departments at the Guanzate headquarter. Engaging with professionals, who supported us in developing ideas and countermeasures to solve identified issues, was rewarding and personally enriching.

What did this experience give you?

We are very pleased having had the opportunity to improve our skills and knowledge, to apply the academic models studied during our university journey to achieve tangible results and to know a fascinating business reality.

Casual Moment: (Honestly) Let’s be honest, you are gonna miss us …

Absolutely! We will definitely miss you! We are grateful for the time spent with you and the fundamental knowledge gained to enter the professional world.